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Information content, timeliness, functionality, security and speed are the basic features of a modern website.

Webdesign Frontmatter File

Website design requires more than just an appealing design. Rather, unique content, a good UX and an optimal orientation to your target audience.
The features mentioned should be all obvious quality features which your customers also are right to expect. Also a good loading time contributes to a better ranking and a better conversion rate.

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Create unique content and win with a good concept visitors and customers to whom the content on your website also provide real added value.
In conjunction with a solid technical implementation you will complete your own services professionally.
Turn your homepage visitor into a new customer.

Visitors to your homepage gain a picture of a company’s website. Build trust and attract repeat visitors who can truly profit and will have use for your digital offering. Through various and inbound call-to-actions you actively can involve your visitors in your digital platform. With integratiion of social networks strategies, new media and fresh content, you can convince your visitors of the consistent quality of your services. Take advantage of all the possibilities of webdesign, so that visitors to your website can see real added value for themselves. Properly made unique content has the potential to improve retention time and increase conversion rates.
Individually for your project we chose together the best concept and the best technical realization.

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If required, we can also support you in the neighboring counties Hannover, WolfenbĂĽttel, Wolfsburg, Gifhorn and Peine, directly at your location.

A good base

The construction of a web page is possible using different approaches. Basically, the different constructs can be categorized into the two parent groups:

  • static websites
  • dynamic websites

In contrast to static HTML websites, dynamic websites with content management - in short “CMS” - offer a multitude of build-in additional functions. Nevertheless, even static systems have their right to exist.
Webdesign from Braunschweig is basically unbounded to all kinds of products and offers you various technical approaches for the implementation of your homepage for both static and dynamic websites.
In a consulting interview we find the product that best suits your requirements.

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Support to the GDPR

For the sustainable operation of a professional website, various aspects of user data protection and security must be taken into account. The Basic Data Protection Regulation GDPR requires a high degree of sense of responsibility from the website owner for the personal data collected on the homepage. As an expert, we support our clients in adapting the website and the Privacy Policy because we are particularly familiar with the places where personal data is collected and can formulate the technical contexts accordingly. We help you secure your website and all connections that collect personal information, such as personal information collected at the login, or e-mail traffic, at the the contact form and more.

Safe Website

Since 2014, the use of HTTPS is not only particularly advisable because of the improved security, but is also shown in the Google ranking as the preferred version in the search results. Hedging via HTTPS automatically protects your visitors’ personal data. Using an SSL certificate the admin access to the backend and customer logins in the Frontend is also secured against identity theft. Google recommends end-to-end encryption for a secure Internet.
In the server configuration, the settings can be made to consistently deliver a website via HTTPS. If there is a valid SSL certificate, all subpages are automatically redirected from HTTP to HTTPS. This avoids duplicate content. It also avoids that your homepage from the browser is labeled as an insecure page with a “Not Secure” badge or similar.
At least since 06.08.2014, the feature HTTPS is included by Google as a signal for the determination of rankings.

Responsive Design

For a flawless usability on all devices we create all websites in responsive design. Learn more in the wiki.