Analysis and Coaching

Search Engine Optimization is part of a good webdesign.

SEO visibility Developing Traffic through SEO at Customers Website

Clicks and Ranking Development of traffic at the competitor Website

The graphics show the evolution of the visibilty of two real companies underpinned by authentic numbers. The graphic above shows the development of a website optimized continuously by Webdesign aus Braunschweig. The graphic below shows a competitor’s website. The month with the strongest reach is highlighted. The two companies were selected for comparison for the following reasons:

  • the date of formation of both companies is comparable
  • both companies sell only online
  • both companies are in direct competition
  • both companies address the same target group
  • both companies use the same shop system

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization

In the acronym “SEO” the “O” stands for optimization. The approach of Webdesign from Braunschweig is the content and technical search engine optimization with the objective to create on the one hand the user through the best content added value, and on the other hand to offer the crawler an optimally searchable website. This method differs significantly from the approach of manipulating to achieve short-term ranking improvements, which could lead to complete deindexing from the search engine index.
With this holistic approach of the search engine optimization Webdesign aus Braunschweig creates the optimal conditions for a lasting good search engine optimization and good rankings at the organic search.

You are being offered various options for the controlling of your website.


The following example shows the controlling of a customer website.
For your information: this website is thematically associated with a relative small niche with correspondingly low search volume. The graphic depicts the clicks detected by Google in the first half of 2018. These clicks all came about through the Google Standard Search. Clicks through backlinks, social traffic, paid traffic like Google AdWords or direct calls are not included in the graph. These are exclusive clicks from the organic search.

Clicks and Ranking Historical data for the first half of 2018

Clearly visible is the significantly improved Ranking of all keywords found at the end of the examined period.
The ranking has improved from 15 to 9 for this period on average.

In addition to the positive development of the SERPS, the Traffic of this website has developed positively, so that throughout the period 36,800 clicks were made via the Google search on this website, making this niche website very successful.

Creating good content

The quality feature No. 1 of a website is good content. Good texts with appealing pictures help the visitor to better understand contexts and motivate to interact with other areas of the homepage and your services. Suitable images can more easily visualize complex relationships across the visual level and are easier for the visitor to grasp than plain text content. In this way, the bounce rate can be effectively reduced. The resulting increase in the length of stay improves the assessment of existing content by Google.

Content and ranking are closely related to web design, which makes these two factors a tight loop that is all about providing the user with the best answer to their question.

Good content always has better chances for good rankings.