Pagespeed Optimization

Reduce loading times

SEO optimized websites have a low load time.

Pagespeed Speed-o-meter

Regardless of the platform used, a website out-of-the-box is not optimized for low load times. Here are some ways to improve the load time of your website:

  • fast hosting
  • powerful server
  • fast network connection and fast volumes with high I/O throughput for low latency.
  • deliberately avoiding certain customer groups eg. “Gaming”, which often causes poor access times when running multiplayer game servers for other users on mass servers.
  • reduce the number of items loaded on the website
  • bundle elements and reduce HTTP requests
  • shrink elements
  • selective compression of suitable elements
  • Individual caching depending on the type of website
  • image optimization

Many customers are impatient! Do not scare new visitors with long load times! Empirical research has shown that the first visitors after not even 3! seconds leave an incompletely loaded website. It looks particularly dramatic when the website is not fully loaded after 5 seconds. Optimizations can greatly improve page load times. In a customer’s pagepeed optimized shop system we achieved real load times of less than 0.8 seconds - and this for first time visitors whose browsers have not yet saved the website data in their cache.
Decide on a suitable Internet appearance, which offers you exactly the functionality that you need in the long term. With custom made hosting and comprehensive speed optimization you create an ideal surfing experience for your visitors.

With psychovisual image analysis and lots of experience in image optimization of all common image formats and compression methods the degree of optimization can be classified into the three categories:

  • light compression of the artwork. Here the quality remains almost the same. The file size can often be significantly reduced
  • Standard compression with a significant percentage reduction in file size and with low optical losses
  • Strong compression for highly-optimized sites