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Google Ads CPC Optimization

What is Google Ads and how does it work?

Google Ads is the successor of Google Adwords and represents a paid advertising system. In an auction process, ads are presented in Google Search and Google affiliate networks in a very prominent manner. The advertiser will not be charged until one of the ads has been clicked. Costs are billed per click.

Auction procedure

Google Ads is an auction process. The highest bidder has the highest position and thus the best visibility.

Quality Score

In conjunction with a good quality score, ad rank improves and the Costs per Click (CPC) decreases.

landing pages

The use of individual and high-quality landing pages matching the search term improves the relevance and the quality factor.

Cost per Click

The cost of a click (Cost-Per-Click / CPC) is always dependent on the respective search term. Google generally recommends an automated CPC setting for a high number of clicks. Depending on the competitors' bids, if the CPC is sufficiently high, the amount will be booked that is minimum above the highest bid (€ 0.01) of the losing competitor. So, despite a high maximum CPC, it is effectively cheaper. Lower positions can also provide good visibility and conversions, with a lower CPC.

cost control

At your request, we will use a cost control of your advertising campaign. We limit your individual daily budget and manually set a CPC for each keyword according to your individual preferences.


In order to customize the campaign to the target group and to the intention of the target group, in addition to the precise definition of the keywords, etc. the determination by demographic characteristics and the localization by country, state, city or radius advisable.

Select ad formats

Search Network

One of the ads served on Google Search is called display on Search Network. These ads are featured very prominently in Google Search, and are also displayed next to and below organic search results, depending on the device and bid. The Google ads are also above MyBusiness entries and are much more noticeable than the organic top rankings.

Display Network

If an ad appears on another webpage, it’s an ad on the Display Network.

Google Shopping

To display an ad in the Shopping menu on the Google homepage it must be set within the Google Shopping network. To show ads within the Google Shopping Network, you must sign up for Google Merchant Center and connect to the Google Ads account.

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Is there a click fraud?

Google takes far-reaching measures to prevent click fraud, such as manual click fraud by Adsense network operators, manual click fraud by competitors, or automated botnet fraud.
It is important for Google not to lose the advertiser’s trust. Google evaluates the following footprints to detect and avoid click fraud:

  • IP address
  • time
  • Location
  • Cookies
  • Browser user-agent
  • double clicks
  • whois (protocol)
  • Google profile (if used)
  • various measures not communicated further

The detection of click fraud is realized by an automated online filter. The advertiser or the commissioned advertising agency can (and should) check for abnormalities themselves. Particularly noteworthy are:

  • rising bounce rates
  • rapidly increasing impressions with decreasing CTR (-> poor quality factor)
  • Increasing traffic in the absence of conversions


Keywords are often entered differently by the user in Google Search than the advertiser sometimes suggests. Google Ads offers three ways to optimize the relevance of your ads.

perfectly fitting

The ad will only be displayed if the search term has been entered exactly.

matching phrase

If you select the matching phrase group, the ad is delivered even if there are any other search words in front of or behind the precisely matching phrase.

broadly appropriate

If the setting is broadly matching, search terms in addition to the search term before, behind and in between are accepted. In addition, synonyms are included, that the order of the search terms is irrelevant, only one search term must match, and that even only a part of a term must match. This can lead to problems, because it means that the focus on the industry and the exact intention is no longer clear.

The advertised advertising agency in the example could also be a print advertising company that does not offer optimization of Google Ads campaigns.

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