Domain Registration and Administration

Hosting also includes domain administration

We register your desired domain and manage it. Domain, website, hosting and mail are extremely configurable. Your advantage by registering a domain with Webdesign aus Braunschweig is the gained flexibility. You remain at all times the owner of the domain. Our service is the domain transfer and the configuration of the DNS name server according to your wishes regarding IPv4, IPv6, mail server and more.

Please tell us your requirements.

Your benefits

The administration via Webdesign aus Braunschweig gives you as a customer the following advantages:

  • cheap prices.

  • high flexibility: as a customer, you can decide for yourself on which systems your services are running. Such typical services are:   - Server: should the demand on the website change in terms of performance, scalability and / or storage space, then we will change the server, hosting concept or provider. Webdesign aus Braunschweig is unbound!   - Software versions: You can use special applications. You can also use special versions if your web application requires it. To give just one example, this would be e.g. PHP 5.x / 7.x.

  • Independence: If you do not want to use our services at some point, you will receive an “Auth-Code”, with which you can take over your domain to another domain registrar.

Very modular and yet everything from one source

Webdesign aus Braunschweig is completely unbound in domain registration.
You as our customer receive everything from one source.