Media Production for Websites

Web design includes acoustic and visual access options.

Video Editing

We are happy to carry out these and further services in the audio and video area for our customers:

  • Advice on audio / video equipment
  • Video editing with background music
  • Compression and embedding / hosting of the finished video

Media Design Video

We design the presentation of your work space in the form of so-called “Walk-In” and “Room Presentation” video clips.
With walk-ins, we simulate in an appealing manner in or around an object, as your customer would find it on site. It can e.g. to act as a vehicle presentation. The video is stabilized and created in high-resolution quality optimized for websites.


An advertising film in which the motif was recorded at different locations with changing lighting conditions, from different distances with different cameras finally with musical accompaniment became a composition.

Data rate: 6 Mbit

Automobile Presentation

Data rate: 16 Mbit

Room Presentation

With a video room presentation, you can present your premises e.g.

  • treatment rooms,
  • production facilities,
  • company rooms,
  • real estate,
  • et cetera

to your customers in an appealing way.

Aerial shots

Data rate: 10 Mbit


With the help of video scripts, appealing text messages can be created in a short amount of time, which you can use on your website or in your social media ads.

Data rate: 1 Mbit


A large pool of licenced Audio Files for your video project.
No need for monthly fees. Licences are paid once with your video project.