Wordpress Login

The WordPress login allows registered users to access the WordPress Admin Backend, where posts can be authored and edited, design adjustments made, and additional plug-in features installed.

WordPress login easy

The WordPress login is actually quite simple. To log in, first the URL of the actual website is called in the browser. This is for example:


This URL will be easy in the end


attached. Entering the full URL would then read:


After entering the full URL, the login screen of WordPress will appear asking for the username and password:

WP login area

All you need to do is enter the username and password, and the dashboard will appear.

Forgot password

If the login password does not work, it can easily be recreated. All you have to do is click on the link “Forgot your password?”.

Forgot your WordPress password

After entering the user name or the e-mail address assigned to the user, a link is sent by e-mail. Clicking on this link will generate a new password for this user. At the latest then the Wordpress login is possible.

After login - the dashboard

After logging in, the Dashboard of WordPress will appear, in which the users of the website can make all settings. Contributions and page content can be written and published via the dashboard.

Protect your login

The WordPress website should be secured against hackers. Especially the login area is affected by attacks by hackers. Wordpress allows the user to perform as many login attempts on the login page in the default configuration. Using the so-called brute-force method, that is, trying out any number of combinations, it is only a matter of time before a password for a known user name is found. Using leaked databases that have been hacked over time, hackers can access a vast pool of passwords, passphrase combinations, and patterns. You should use a password for the Wordpress login that is 1. very secure and 2. has never been used by you on another website.
In order to protect Wordpress effectively, you should additionally carry out additional steps for the secure operation of Wordpress to limit logins.

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