Online Marketing

Important points in Advertisement are Search Engine Online Marketing (SEM), including content marketing of SEO optimized content, Search Engine Advertisement (SEA) and printing.

SEO Content Marketing

Create and publish unique content across all online channels. There are good reasons why content marketing pays off.

  1. Content Marketing makes you independent of other platforms like Google Ads.
  2. Good content marketing creates a basis of trust. The visitors get to know your website and return because of the high quality of the content.
  3. Content marketing is sustainable. If payments for SEA are discontinued, your good content will continue to drive traffic.
  4. Traffic through Content Marketing does not need retargeting cookies. This is good for keeping your customers' privacy, it simplifies your privacy policy, and it prevents Adblocker from filtering advertisements.


With the help of SEA, your brand can be placed very prominently on Google Ads. Google Ads is an additional useful online marketing measure to improve visibility. We customize your Search Engine Advertising campaign to your target audience.

Benfits of customized Google Ads campaing

  • high visibility
  • low cost-per-click (CPC) costs and optimal alignment
  • maximum cost control through a fixed daily budget

Social Marketing

You can help grow your business by using different social networks. Positive “social signals” also improve your domain’s reputation for trust. Listed below are some popular social networks and their features are listed succinctly.


Twitter is a popular social network for specialists. Building a network is quite difficult on twitter and only in special cases really brings a lot of relevant traffic.


tumblr is extremely straightforward and you can easily reach completely different people and target groups. Your social network expands randomly over time. Use tumblr because it is fun and you can easily increase the range!


Xing is useful for business relationships. Much organic traffic from this network is not to be expected. Xing is increasingly a portal for recruiting new employees.


LinkedIn connects entrepreneurs in a very motivating way. The increase in organic traffic will be restrained in most cases. LinkedIn is a network that can map and find people with special skills. To present Stories other networks are better suited.


Pinterest is a mostly visually oriented social network.
The users of this network want a great visual presentation. There is nothing to gain with average pictures.
With good pictures and interesting topics traffic is to be expected.


A huge social network with which you can reach lots of people. Try to connect many potentially interested people to your company’s stories. Facebook restricts the visibility of your posts to get you to advertise. Upon request, we will take over the creation of an advertising campaign. Please contact us.

Subscribers to Facebook Marketing

Because Facebook artificially limits the range, which can only be extended by paid advertising again. Try to tell entertaining stories on Facebook. Then traffic is to be expected from Facebook.

Facebook marketing interactions


Instagram is a social network based on sharing images via a smartphone app. It’s seen as a social network for the younger generation. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t advertise there.