Set up your E-Mail Client

Your e-mail can be sent via webmail or with an e-mail client like Mozilla Thunderbird, MS Outlook or Apple Mail.

The following example configures the e-mail client Thunderbird with STARTTLS. Proceed as follows:

  • select New -> Existing E-Mail Account in the menu
  • enter your name, e-mail address and password. The “connection data” can be found in your Control Panel.
  • Click on “Continue”. Thunderbird will now try to figure out the locations automatically.

Configure E-Mail Client

If the error message “Thunderbird could not find any settings for your e-mail account” appears, then check and correct the following fields:

  • server name: specify the full server name, in the example it is
  • Port for IMAP: select the IMAP protocol with port 143 for the inbox
  • Port for SMTP: select the SMTP protocol with port 587 for the outbox
  • SSL encryption: set SSL encryption to STARTTLS for both the Inbox server and the Outgoing mail server
  • Authentication: set the authentication to “password, normal
  • click on “Done”

If the error message still appears after retesting, then click on “Cancel” and call up the “Account settings” via the main menu. Match the connection data proposed by Thunderbird with the above.

Please restart Thunderbird after setup.

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